The demoscene (usually shortened as “scene”) is an artistic movement where different artists (programmers, graphicians and musicians) work alone or in groups to create digital art. This section contains the works I made in the demoscene from 1998 to 2005, under the handle Yero. I have produced works in the main areas of the demoscene:

  • Code: for Sector Omega, a Spanish demo group;
  • Graphics: for 2D GFX competitions in demo parties and also for Sector Omega;
  • Music: first composed for national tracker scene contests (under Sound Factory, a Spanish tracker group), then for warez (BAFH, European warez group), and for demos (for Concept, a Spanish demogroup).

I also participated in a couple of Musicdisks, which are compilations of several tunes with a specially-designed interface (code and graphics). I also participated in different projects related to the demoscene, such as, a relatively big amateur music portal (1200+ artists), where I was the director, programmer and designer from 2000 to 2012. I was also co-developer of the Spanish report system, together with Wizard, an online photo manager for parties.


Demos (aka realtime motion graphics)

A demo is a real time calculated multimedia presentation, which often includes 2D art, 3D animation, visual effects and a musical soundtrack, everything coded, designed and composed by the members of a demogroup.

I entered the demoscene in year 2000 as a musician for some European groups and later for the Spanish group Concept. In 2003 I founded Sector Omega, in which I left music aside and acted as a coder and 2D/3D designer, together with the direction of the productions. The well-known JosSs joined the group as a musician.

In this section I include the four demos we developed from 2003 until 2005. In order to see the demos you can either download the executable (for windows) or watch the video when possible. And remember, everything is calculated in real time.

The message

A space story, a tribute to Dr Carl Sagan. Uses 3D animations, nice soundtrack, several improvements in the 2D fx, and a solid plot. A lot of work was put in this demo, specially on the coding engine.

Authors: Yero (code, 2D), d0up (2D,3D), JosSs (Music)
Party: 3rd at BCNParty’101
Download: Download | Pouët


This time with an evolved demosystem ready to make something new. We thought about making some japanese alike demo, with fast effects and techno music. Finally, another ambient soundtrack, but with some electronic parts, synched with better effects and lots of graphics.

Authors: Yero (code, 2D,3D), JosSs (Music)
Party: 2rd at BCNParty’100
Download: Download | Pouët


Co-op with Stravaganza demogroup. As our demosystem was not much improved since Mirages, we asked Ithaqua/SGZ to be the coder of our graphics and soundtrack. And this is the result. Quite simple 3D architecture, with some cool effects, and a lovely soundtrack.

Authors: Ithaqua (code), Yero (2D), JosSs (Music)
Party: 1st at Ifparty’04
Download: Download | Pouët


First demo by Sector Omega. Coded in a couple of months, in a real hurry, with a very simple demosystem. It talks about dreams, the mirages of life, which are supposed to be reached someday.
Authors: Ithaqua (code), Yero (2D), JosSs (Music)
Authors: Yero (code, 2D), JosSs (Music)
Party: 2nd at BCNParty’11
Download: Download | Pouët


Music Disks

Modulez addiction #1: future

Code: Jcl
Gfx: Jull & SPiTe
Org: Yero & JosSs
Music: Yero, JosSs, herotyc, sml & smash!, Jcl, Wonder, Wizard, Sergeeo and Finnr
Style: Ambient

Download: Download | Pouët

Modulez addiction #2: future

Code: Jcl
Gfx: Yero
Org: Yero & JosSs
Music: JosSs, Reed, Sergeeo, Wonder, Finnr, Herotyc, Wizard, Sole and Yero
Style: Jazz / Funk

Download: Download | Pouët


These are some of my paintings during my scene-age (most for demoparty competitions). Click on each thumbnail to see the full pictures.

Valentine’s Day Present – Feb 2006
Imagination – Nov 2005
Garden of Dreams – Nov 2004
War – Mar 2003
Mermaid – Nov 2003
Abydoss – Jan 2003
Japan – Aug 2002
Don’t cry – Aug 2002
Merry XMas’02 – Dec 2002
Horror 3 – Feb 2002
Horror 2 – Feb 2002
Horror 1 – Feb 2002
Beauty – Jan 2002
Modulez – Dec 2001
The Light – Nov 2001
Magic Stone – Oct 2001


This section contains the music I composed mainly with Impulse Tracker. I started composing in 1996 and stopped around 2003, when I founded
Sector Omega and spent most of the time democoding. I grouped the modules in four files, in which I include the music from different periods. In order to listen them you’ll need a module player since they are mostly in .IT format, not in mp3. So try with xmplay for Windows, or Schism Tracker (an Impulse Tracker clone) for Win/Linux/MacOs, etc..

Last tunes (2001-2004) 6.3MB
Title Style Size Date
Valencia Nights (mp3) House 521KB mar-04
Xmastro #1 (mp3) chiptune 116KB dec-02
Groovy (mp3) Funk 387KB nov-02
El futuro (mp3) Trance 3100KB nov-02
Golden (mp3) Funk 808KB jul-02
Euskal Invtro (mp3) Electronica/chiptune 33KB jul-02
Moons of Iremar (mp3) Ambient 541KB feb-02
Blue (mp3) Jazz 405KB oct-01
Simply Superior (mp3) Jazz/Funk 540KB may-01
Christmas Peace (mp3) easy listening 361KB dec-01

Chiptunes (2001-2005) 320KB
Title Style Size Date
Red star (mp3) Chiptune 32643B nov-05
JosSs goes dancing (mp3) Chiptune 10200B mar-04
Sticky (mp3) Chiptune 4092B nov-02
Hmmm (coop with JosSs) (mp3) Chiptune 10240B jul-02
Perkele! (mp3) Chiptune 3968B sep-01
SillyTune (mp3) Chiptune 9541B aug-01
Looking for Darkness (mp3) Chiptune 21911B aug-01
Into The Hell 2 (mp3) Chiptune 15370B aug-01
Bubbles (mp3) Chiptune 3937B jul-01
Flowers from Ireland (mp3) Chiptune 52541B may-01
Midnight Calmness (mp3) Chiptune 6559B may-01
Pimientos Progresivos (mp3) Chiptune 84848B apr-01
Core Dumped 2 (mp3) Chiptune 37046B apr-01
Time Chase (mp3) Chiptune 10098B mar-01
Magic Leads (mp3) Chiptune 14538B mar-01
Hyvaa Paivaa (mp3) Chiptune 26756B jan-01
Yellow Star (mp3) Chiptune 13258B jan-01
Boo! (mp3) Chiptune 54440B jan-01
The Power of Goodbye (mp3) Chiptune 29057B jan-01
Falling Star (mp3) Chiptune 5808B jan-01
Dark Illusion (mp3) Chiptune 4834B jan-01
Hot Chocolate (mp3) Chiptune 4674B jan-01
Into The Hell (mp3) Chiptune 61652B jan-01

Past tunes (1999-2001) 28.7MB
Title Style Size Date
Angst von monstern (mp3) Demo 1MB mar-02
Flood of Art (mp3) Melodic Pop 309kB apr-01
Crystal Dreams (mp3) DoskPop/Trance 717kB apr-01
Illusion (mp3) Demostyle/Techno 871kB mar-01
Third Millennium Extended (mp3) DoskPop/Trance 1533kB mar-01
RBD 2 rmx (mp3) Dream/Trance 731kB feb-01
Victim of Love rmx (mp3) Dream/Trance 2495kB feb-01
Mental Strings 2 (mp3) Melodic Trance 1468kB dec-00
Core Dumped (mp3) Eurotrance/OHC 133kB nov-00
Trip To Solaris (mp3) Eurotrance 1200kB nov-00
Freedom (with Area51) (mp3) Dance 1451kB oct-00
Resurreccion rmx (mp3) Dream 960kB sep-00
Third Millennium (mp3) Demostyle 1370kB sep-00
Stars 2 (mp3) Dance 1063kB sep-00
Espiral (mp3) Dance 995kB jul-00
Space Dreams (mp3) Dance/OHC 115kB jul-00
Epsyllon Quest (mp3) Dance/OHC 651kB jul-00
Those Eyes (mp3) Dream/Progressive 1787kB jul-00
The Rage (mp3) Dance/30sec 549kB jun-00
Glamour (mp3) Latin House 905kB may-00
Dreams of Andromeda (mp3) Trance 998kB may-00
Voices from Past (mp3) Fantasy/Clasica 953kB apr-00
Move your Soul 2 (mp3) Chiptune/Pop 37KB apr-00
Those Dreams (mp3) Pop/Ambient 188kB apr-00
Move your Soul (mp3) Dance 148kB mar-00
Happy Colony rmx (mp3) Dance/Dream 576kB mar-00
Mental Strings (mp3) Melodic Trance 524kB mar-00
The Future (mp3) Techno/Ambient 747kB feb-00
Chariots of Fire rmx (mp3) New Age/Trance 864kB feb-00
Sounds of Mars (with Dj Ches) (mp3) Dance 509kB jan-00
Hard Illusions 2 (mp3) Ambient/Trance 1100kB dec-99
Sunny Day (mp3) Chiptune/Dance 21kB nov-99
The Night (mp3) Dream 640kB oct-99
Authentic Madness 2 (mp3) Dance 805kB sep-99
Dancemania (mp3) Dance 738kB sep-99
Stars (mp3) Dance/Game 546kB sep-99
True 2 (mp3) Pop 610KB sep-99

First tunes (1998-1999) 10MB
Title Style Size Date
Fly to the Moon (mp3) Dance 1086kB aug-99
Hysteria (mp3) Techno 682kB jul-99
A Sea of Wishes (mp3) Dance/Dream 1139kB jul-99
Hard Illusions (mp3) Trance 1113kB apr-99
Exhaustive Control (mp3) Mix 849KB jan-99
Dreaming Mirages (mp3) Dream 697kB dec-98
A World of Fantasy (mp3) Dance 649KB dec-98
Bereshit (mp3) Dance/Trance 730KB nov-98
Disco Tonight rmx (mp3) Dance 154KB oct-98
Peace Land (mp3) Ambient 509KB sep-98
My little computer (mp3) Dance 256kB aug-98
Acid Waves (mp3) Progressive House 783kB jul-98
Feel the Music (mp3) Dance 1054kB jul-98
Lost Dreams (mp3) Dance/Dream 385kB jul-98
Apocallypse (mp3) Trance 361kB jun-98
Leaving the Earth (mp3) Techno/Dream 292kB apr-98
Perfect Sound (mp3) Dance 275kB mar-98
Heaven Hymn (mp3) Ambient 289kB feb-98