long distance running

I started running around 2003, together with a friend from the Uni, as a way to relieve stress. Since then, I’ve been running, increasing bit by bit sessions and objectives, always in a quite conservative manner. Today my passion about this sport are long runs in the forests and mountains. Nowadays when I put on my hydration vest on a Saturday morning I feel the same excitement as when I prepared for an outdoor excursion with the school 😀

A couple of links to some nice channels I usually follow, for inspiration and advice, in case they serve you too: Seth DeMoor, Juan María Jiménez, The Running Channel and Sage Canaday’s.

In this section I’ll keep some info about this hobby like PRs and some nice runs.


Mile 5m42s
5k 20m27s
10k 42m58s
Half-Marathon 1h45m37s
Marathon 4h06m42s (off-road, self-assisted, 500+)

Great runs

Monistrol – St. Jeroni – Monistrol (20km)

Sabdell – Puig de La creu – Sabadell (32km)